Getting started

New Casinos Online is a simple and straightforward guide to stop people from making the mistakes I have made myself.

In ten years playing at online casinos I have learned the hard way how to select a safe and secure place to play, and I have also learned some lessons about the kind of place I want to play at.

There are various ‘tricks of the trade’ employed by online casinos to get you to deposit and play more, and to play back your winnings without cashing out. These include:

  1. The Notarized documents trick
  2. The pending withdrawal and reversal issue
  3. Wagering requirements and terms on bonuses that make them hard to clear
  4. Fake software and false advertising
  5. Unlicensed ‘rogue’ casinos who don’t pay
  6. Fly by night operators who close up shop unexpectedly

To avoid all these issues you really need to know who you’re dealing with. It’s not easy unless you have the behind the scenes knowledge to know who is pulling the strings and whether you are dealing with an experienced and properly licensed operator or a one-man-band running the whole thing from their bedroom. Appearances can be deceptive, and some of the worst places to play can look like the best to the untrained eye.

We hope you enjoy reading this site, and we hope it helps you to stay safe and have fun!